I am a DPhil student at the System Security Lab, University of Oxford, funded by an Oxford-Deepmind scholarship. I completed my MSc cum laude at University of Padua, focusing on artificial intelligence and security.

My current research focuses on the security of computer vision systems based on deep-learning.

Recent Work

G. Lovisotto, H. Turner, I. Sluganovic, M. Strohmeier and I. Martinovic
SLAP: Improving Physical Adversarial Examples with Short-Lived Adversarial Perturbations
(to appear in) Usenix Security 2021
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H. Turner, G. Lovisotto and I. Martinovic
Speaker Anonymization with Distribution-Preserving X-Vector Generation
2020 VoicePrivacy Challenge
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G. Lovisotto, S. Eberz and I. Martinovic
Biometric Backdoors: A Poisoning Attack Against Unsupervised Template Updating
2020 IEEE Euro S&P
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G. Lovisotto, H. Turner, S. Eberz and I. Martinovic
Seeing Red: PPG Biometrics Using Smartphone Cameras
2020 CVPR Workshops
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S. Eberz, G. Lovisotto, K. B. Rasmussen, V. Lenders and I. Martinovic
28 Blinks Later: Tackling Practical Challenges of Eye Movement Biometrics
2019 ACM CCS

S. Eberz, G. Lovisotto, A. Patane, M. Kwiatkowska, V. Lenders and I. Martinovic
When your fitness tracker betrays you: Quantifying the predictability of biometric features across contexts
2018 IEEE S&P